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Green Bundle

Each bundle contains
2 x Garden Greens
2 x Green Warrior
2 x Asian Sling
(230g Bottles)


Roots Bundle

Each bundle contains
3 x Sweet Beets
3 x Carrot Zing
(230g Bottles)


Summer Bundle

Each bundle contains
2 x Green Warrior
2 x Carrot Zing
2 x Sweet Beets
(230g Bottles)

Bundles all

Build Your Own Bundle

Choose your own with a minimum order of 6
+ Sweet Beets
+ Garden Greens
+ Carrot Zing
+ Green Warrior
+ Asian Sling
(230g Bottles)

Meet the Blends

  • Asian Sling

    The exotic Asian Sling contains an aromatic and complex 81% vegetable blend of sunshine yellow peppers, vitamin-rich carrot, spinach, fragrant lemongrass and coriander.  Honey, coconut milk and avocado are offset by a kick of red chilli and lime zest. Perfect added into stir-fries as a refined sugar-free alternative to sweet chilli sauce or a delicious base for spicy soups and Thai curries, the Asian Sling packs a punch  


    Carrot, Spinach, Yellow Pepper, Coconut Milk, Avocado, Lime, Coriander, Honey, Red Chilli & Lemongrass

  • Garden Greens

    Garden Greens is a refreshing 86% vegetable medley of cucumber, mint and peas, blended with curly kale, potassium-rich avocado and a hint of honey and lime. We love it chilled as a mid-morning snack, or use as a fresh summer sauce for fish, chicken or pasta.


    Cucumber, Peas, Avocado, Honey, Kale Lime & Mint

  • Sweet Beets

    Beat the blues with the vibrant and earthy 84% vegetable Sweet Beets – containing red pepper, iron-rich beetroot, root ginger and avocado with honey, refreshing cucumber and lime.  Beetroot is perfect for fitness fanatics pre-workout as it helps to stimulate inorganic nitrates and blood flow, boosting exercise performance.


    Beetroot, Red Pepper, Avocado, Cucumber, Honey, Lime & Ginger

  • Carrot Zing

    Carrot Zing contains a 92% vegetable kick. Carrots, root ginger, coconut milk, lime juice and a dash of honey are combined to provide the ultimate Vitamin C boost. Delicious on its own or heated as a creamy soup with a touch of zing, and better still, tasty when sprinkled with freshly chopped coriander.


    Carrot Juice, Carrot, Coconut Milk, Ginger, Honey & Lime

  • Green Warrior

    For the ultimate refreshment blend, Green Warrior combines all of the goodness of courgette, spinach, cucumber, lime juice, avocado, coconut milk and honey with a pinch of fresh parsley and chives.  Enjoyed on its own, stirred into risottos or combined with oil and garlic to create an authentic, full-of-flavour salsa verde, the Green Warrior boasts 80% vegetable content to cleanse, detoxify and energise.


    Cucumber, Spinach, Avocado, Honey, Courgette, Coconut Milk, Lime, Parsley & Chives

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