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Author: Roots Collective

Doesn’t it feel like almost every day we’re reminded of the need for a ‘balanced diet’ and to eat more fruit and veg? Yet with our busy lives, it’s still difficult for many of us to find the time to prepare healthy, nutritious meals. With National Vegetarian Week getting us talking about beautiful veggies once more, however, now is a fantastic time to review and refresh what you eat to ensure that you’re getting more of the good stuff (AKA veggies) into your life!

Our delicious whole vegetable Blends make it easy to enjoy a hit of veggie goodness on the go! They’re bursting with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, all jam-packed into one convenient bottle. But how do we do it? Unlike a juice or a smoothie, our Blends are made with over 80% pure veg, contain absolutely no fruit juice, but still taste stunning. We cold-press using High Pressure Processing to ensure that the maximum amount of goodness is preserved in every bottle.

We carefully curate our Blends; selecting just the right veggies to complement each other. They’re seriously versatile too. Check out the recipes found on the blog section of our website to discover the diverse dishes that you can whip up to join the Vegolution! Enjoy them hot or old, sipped or souped’ – there’s no end to the power of Blends. 

And when planning a meal is just too much, don’t worry – last month, we revealed some startling yet reassuring advice from Professor David Haslam, former Clinical Director of the National Obesity Forum. His research concluded that the key to a healthy regime is the pursuit of a “macronutrient diet”, and the consumption of as many vegetables as possible: “Feeding your body little and often with vegetable-based snacks ensures that your metabolic system is steadily simulated and provides a continuous supply of nutrients to your body”. The high fibre and low sugar content of vegetable snacks (like Blends!) will keep you feeling fuller for longer and help you to avoid sugar-spikes.

So there you have it. There’s never been a better time to rekindle your love for the humble vegetable than now. Head on over to our webstore and give our Blends a try today.

While you’re here, did you know that we’ve been nominated for an award? Best Nutrition Brand of the Year in the Women’s Running Race Series awards. Check it out and don’t forget to vote for us!

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