Trend Forecast: 2017 will be the #YearoftheBlend

Learn about the food trend of 2017 

Author: Roots Collective

This year will be the Year of the Blend! In a forecast of the biggest foodie trends of 2017, global market researcher, Mintel, identified time-saving and plant-power amongst the trends listed. Blends have forged a completely new and revolutionary category of fresh vegetable products that simply did not exist one year ago. They’re created from whole vegetables (at least 80%), have bite and are as thick as a shake. Offering both time-saving qualities and pure plant-power, Blends are a wholesome veggie snack perfect for at home or on-the-go. By capitalising on food trends outlined by Mintel, Blends will plug a gap in the market that consumers will embrace as an on the go format.

Harnessing the veggie goodness from within, we’ve created a tantalising product that is radically new, yet reassuringly familiar. Cold pressing our veggies and using high pressure processing ensures that we are able to lock in the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients, with fewer than 127 calories within each bottle. Our Blends contain absolutely no added fruit juice, because each crop of fresh vegetables have been sourced and curated to be delicious when combined together, offering a hit of flavour unlike anything you’ve tried before – we’re making vegetables great again!

Blends are distinctly versatile, unique in their category in fact. Which other juice or smoothie can be enjoyed hot or cold, as a drink or soup – also as a base for tasty meals? As more of us are looking for ways to save time but still ensure health and well-being, they’re a perfect stop-gap between meals or as a meal in their own right. You can quite literally quench your hunger.

As a brand with nutrition and health at the very core of everything we do, we’re very proud to announce that we’ll be sponsoring this year’s Women’s Running Race Series. Our Blends are the perfect training accompaniment to fuel your active lifestyle. We can’t wait to see you on the race course!

Blends may be ‘free-from’ dairy, gluten and refined sugar, but each Blend tastes incredible, leaving you feeling ‘full’ of goodness. Become a trend-setter, stock up on Roots Collective from our on webstore today!

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