The ‘Root’ to a healthy lifestyle is now found in high quality snacking

Professor David Haslam debunks the myth of eating three meals a day... 

Author: Roots Collective

It’s a common belief that a healthy lifestyle can only be achieved by eating three
substantial meals a day. It’s so ingrained that there has been an additional guilt
factor if lunch is missed and replaced with a snack. But now, Professor David Haslam,
Clinical Director of the National Obesity Forum and leading expert in health and
wellbeing, has revealed that you can receive the same benefits from consuming
healthy, nutritional snacks throughout the day as you can from three square meals!

Read on to discover how veggie snacking could be the secret to a healthy

He explains that the key to a healthy regime is actually the pursuit of a
macronutrient diet, and the consumption of as many vegetables as possible – a
mantra that we live by here at Roots Collective (as you may have noticed…)!
Today’s busy lifestyles often mean that we lack to the time to prepare three meals a
day for ourselves, but this revelation from Dr Haslam means that we should no longer
feel under pressure to do so, as long as we’re consuming enough vegetable content
as part of this healthy diet.

There is growing awareness amongst consumers of the high-sugar content of go-to
fruit snacks and the need to balance this with plenty of fresh veg to really maximise
the benefits of snacking regularly. Professor Haslam explains that, “Feeding your
body little and often with vegetable based snacks ensures your metabolic system is
steadily simulated and provides a continuous supply of nutrients to your body”. Plus,
the high fibre and low sugar content of vegetable snacks will keep you feeling fuller
for longer and help you avoid sugar-spikes.

We’ve created a range of revolutionary vegetable snacks to support this expert
insight into our dietary needs, which are easy to enjoy on-the-go. Every bottle of
Roots Collective contains at least a quarter of a kilo of pure veggies to provide you
with a convenient and tasty way to nourish your body, whilst balancing a busy
schedule! Our Blends can be enjoyed hot or cold, eaten (or sipped!) however you
like, but they will always leave you feeling healthy and full to stop you reaching for
those sugary snacks.

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