Mother's Day Asian Avocado Spread

Create this simple yet delicious and nutricious recipe for your mum, this Mother's Day 

Author: The Roots Kitchen

We know every day should be Mother’s Day, but this Sunday is the one appointed day of the year to show your mum all of the gratitude, appreciation, respect and love for everything she does for you. From caring and tending for you at every step of the way, to knowing the remedy for whatever the problem may be, this effort takes its toll.  While your mum deserves to be showered with gifts and praise, the one thing that’s often overlooked, yet supremely important, is mum’s health and nutrition.

Show your mum that she’s number one, by creating this simple, nourishing and tantalizing recipe (so simple that even the young ones can help make it!). It’s perfect for breakfast, or as a hearty and healthy afternoon treat. The recipe uses our fantastic Asian Sling Blend - created with a quarter kilo of whole vegetables simply blended with cold-pressed veggie juice goodness, containing over 80% vegetables in fact.

So on Mothering Sunday, go above and beyond, follow the simple recipe steps below, put her feet up and let mum glow from the sheer goodness derived within from pure, natural, nutrient-rich veggies found in Roots Collective Blends.

To all mums out there – you’re amazing, Happy Mother’s Day. Get the full recipe below and stock up on Blends via our webstore today!


Serves 2


  • ½ a bottle (115g) of Roots Collective Asian Sling
  • 1 large, peeled and roughly chopped avocado
  • The juice of 1 lime
  • Oatcakes or toast
  • Chopped, fresh coriander
  • Ground, black pepper

Preparation time – 5 mins



  1. Pour the Roots Collective Asian Sling into a large mixing bowl along with the avocado and lime juice. Gently mash the mixture with a fork until a rough texture is created but be careful not to make it too smooth.
  2. Now pile the mixture on to the top of oatcakes or toast.
  3. Sprinkle the chopped coriander and ground black pepper over the dish.  If preferred, add more sliced avocado.


Roots Collective’s Top Tip

As an alternative, use the mixture as a dip and add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.


About Roots Collective

Roots Collective ( has launched the UK’s first and only range of whole vegetable Blends which are a radical new fresh fridge essential to quench your hunger.

Bringing a revolutionary new dimension of texture to UK taste buds, Blends are not a juice, nor a smoothie, they are as thick as a shake, have bite and can be eaten hot or cold. Not only for drinking from the bottle, they can be enjoyed as a sauce or a soup, frozen as a nutrient-dense ice pop or topped with herbs and nuts as part of a superfood bowl.

The exotic Roots Collective Asian Sling contains an aromatic and complex 81% vegetable blend of sunshine yellow peppers, vitamin-rich carrot, spinach, fragrant lemongrass and coriander. Honey, coconut milk and avocado are offset by a kick of red chilli and lime zest. Perfect added into stir-fries as a refined sugar-free alternative to sweet chilli sauce or a delicious base for spicy soups and Thai curries, the Asian Sling packs a punch.

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