Get Christmas Cracked

Get Christmas Cracked With Roots Collective Blends 


Discover our top tips for balancing wellbeing and healthy eating with a little seasonal indulgence this year…

December is always a busy month. Juggling Christmas preparations, party planning and gift buying with work and family life means that we often forget to give ourselves and our bodies a little TLC. Plus, with all those tempting Christmas treats and festive tipples on offer, it can seem almost impossible to stay on track with healthy eating goals over the holidays!  

But we all know vegetables are the key to being healthy.  The key to getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies need to keep fuelled and well is so important at this time of year. So how can we manage it when faced with the choice between a choccy orange and a real one?! The key is balance. You don’t need to forbid yourself from having that extra mince pie, just think: everything in moderation. 

We’ve shared our top tips and tricks to help you find some balance, eat well and get the most out of the holiday season this year:

  • Switch up your party snacks – create delicious, fruit and veg-based canapés so that your guests feel good about going back for more! This month, follow us on Instagram to discover our favourite Christmas party dips, which are all packed full of veggie goodness. Having a host of colourful and healthy snacks on hand will also mean that you can enjoy a glass of bubbly guilt-free.  Looking for more inspiration?  Or how about our Sweet Beets hummus?  The perfect twist on the traditional dip, find the recipe here!

  • Stay hydrated – those festive tipples can leave you dehydrated, so make sure you’re getting your recommended 6-8 glasses of water per day. Struggling to drink enough? Keep a glass of water on your bedside table to drink first thing in the morning when you wake up – it’ll help kick start your metabolism, fuel your brain and flush out toxins. You could also download an app like My Water Balance or Hydro Coach to help you keep track of your fluid intake and send you reminders of when to refill your glass.

  • Give traditional sides a twist – a good tactic is to load up your Christmas dinner plate with plenty of veggies and avoid an onslaught of carbs! But if you’re usually one to stay away from the Brussel sprouts bowl, then why not make things a bit more exciting this year? There are loads of recipes to explore online to give parsnips, carrots and yes, even sprouts, a festive make-over. Head to the Waitrose website for one of our favourites – curry-glazed parsnips. Trust us, you’ll want to fill your plate with those.   Even better you could make our utterly delicious Sweet Beets and Horseradish Cream Soup as a starter!


  • Convenience is key – when battling a jam-packed schedule, find quick, simple solutions to get your daily intake of fruit and veg. We’ve made it incredibly easy to get all the good stuff you need by packing over 80% pure, fresh vegetables into our bottles of Blends. Just drop one in your bag and enjoy it on the go, anywhere, anytime, for a burst of plant-based power. Every bottle contains vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to keep you feeling full, fuelled and ready for the celebrations ahead. Stock up on Blends via our online shop:

From everyone here at Roots Collective, we wish you a happy and healthy Festive Season!

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