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Introducing Blends

We’re not a juice. We’re not a smoothie. We’re a Blend.

So what’s a Blend?



More vegetable goodness in every bottle!

Unlike most smoothies and juices, whole vegetables make it into our blends, for a fantastically filling fibre hit. We promise to quench your hunger.

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Get the full nutritional hit

Blending whole vegetables means Roots Collective Blends contain all the natural goodness including fibre. Fibre lets your body process the natural sugars found in veg which is why Blends are so good for you.


1 of your 5 veg a day

Each bottle contains at least one of your five vegetables per day, for a deliciously easy way to get fresh veg into your diet.



Let your taste buds tell you the difference

Bringing a revolutionary new dimension of texture to your taste buds: Blends are as thick as a shake and have bite. Our delicious combinations are made from premium vegetables grown the right way. How do we know? Well, we grow most of them ourselves. Find out more in Our Story.



Finally available in the UK

Blends are finally arriving on UK shores. Beloved by health conscious New Yorkers, Blends are the next dimension in juicing. As thick as a shake but with over 80% whole vegetable in each recipe and no added fruit juice, we promise to fill you up for longer. Eat your drink!



Blends are so natural you can even cook with them

Drink us straight from the bottle. Put us in a bowl and eat us with a spoon. Top us with herbs, nuts or superfoods. Use us as a sauce or a soup. Freeze us into a nutrient-dense ice pop. Super versatile, we should be a permanent fixture in your fridge.

Quench your hunger!

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